In order to attract young people to transportation jobs of the future, the University of Florida College of Engineering Transportation Research Center has developed and piloted lesson plans for middle school-aged students utilizing LEGO® Mindstorms NXT robots to foster interest in the transportation engineering profession as a career choice.

During these five modules, students will learn some fundamentals of transportation engineering and how the use of advanced technology will be integral to solving current and future transportation problems.  They will also learn how much transportation affects the quality of life in our society.

Each module is 1.5 hours.  The first module serves as an introduction to transportation engineering with an interactive slideshow that can be utilized independent of the robotic modules to follow. The robotic modules feature basic programming skills for beginners as students learn to program their “intelligent vehicle” to move, talk, detect emergency vehicles and pedestrians, follow a route, and calculate travel time and distance.

The teacher and student guides are available for at